Friday, April 29, 2011

Drew these while watching Mortal Kombat being played.

Quick digital drawings.
I really really like drawing quickly I've discovered.. This was nice to see what I recognized and drew quickest. Super helpful! I know that I need to understand hips better. How that all connects.. But I think I'm starting to get necks.

I like drawing quick, but it does look yucky :\ hm. not sure what to do.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Working on the game. Andy's been super sick, so I've mostly just been with him.

But here's some studies. Also painted a faux Atari 2600 cover, which was tricky. They used to love space, ships and highlights. :O.

we were playing lots of Mortal Kombat, so a Kitana sketch

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ahah.. Avert your eyes if you're sensitive, but man such a good skintone exercise. I saw an artist that had this idea. I searched nude girl, and course got lots of porn images, but they all have such good lighting? :D And so much skin to paint. Good study, I learned a lot.

1 hour exactly! sketch
And some mouth studies

Friday, April 22, 2011


I learned a lot on the next picture, about color. I was reading Marta Dalhig's tutorial on noses, so I drew pretty much the same picture.

I learned about contrasts, dark grey looks white next to dark colors. It sounds obvious, but now it clicked. It looks so nice making subtle contrasts.

Also on how to pick colors, instead of mixing them on the document, like I see a lot of people do, I up the amount of... Red or something in the Color picker. I'm just used to Flash so this works for me.

40 minute drawing
I realized I needed to study eyes and noses more. But lips especially, but my hand started to cramp up, so I'll do that tomorrow.


Here's me just posting some stuff from earlier this week :3

I've been testing out lots of different blogging/website things? And posting things on photobucket, trying to see what works best for me to get into the "groove" of updating a bunch. I like this one a lot :D But I'll keep exploring Tumblr, and all that.

15 minute head

40 minute speedpaint from photo