Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#26 - About to play

Went kind of out of order. Man I'm not sure about that last shot :\..... I gotta remember to not rush ahead to the details. Or I mess with it too much.

This one I made sure to slow down on the sketch and lineart stage. And to think more.

Woo! I did two today!

I found something else out. The key is to stay zoomed out as I'm sketching and shading. And just lay down sloppy tones and shapes, but tones and shapes that look right. Even all the way zoomed out, it still looks right.

I think I'm getting the hang of this new way of coloring the furniture.
 I did a comparison side by side to see the different techniques, since there was the same kind of shot in the Atari level. That's why the TV's are different, the bottom one is an older model.

Coloring just by going at it with the paintbrush.
 Coloring by doing lineart first then coloring inside the lineart. (more control over details)

Again, the bottom one took much less time.

Here's the previous background with the same technique

Sunday, March 25, 2012

#25 - New furniture method

So did this one in the furniture drawing method I tried on the last one (Lineart> select lineart > work within selections one at a time)

It came out a lot more detailed! Since I can focus on all the details in the lineart stage, then just color what I have, it's easier than just making up the details as I paint it.

What the heck is this thing?

Also had a mini-realization with greyscale shading. Kinda like just how light sources are 3 dimensional. So it's not really like it hits the "left" side or "right" side. I think I want to make a tutorial out of it. x]

Woo! Did two today!

Yeah, the box design is temporary. But looks better than nothing. Still have to design a good one!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

#24 - This one took a while :(

It was from sketch to finish in one sitting. I recorded it all for the heck of it. (except for the end, it said something like "Terminal recording error. The recording has stopped... etc. I didn't notice until I was already almost done.)

I discovered a new way to do the background furniture. To start out with the sketch, then make lineart with all the details. "magic wand" select the exterior, then inverse selection. Then color from that.
You can see that method on the left end table, vs. the old way I would do it (just start coloring it) on the right. The one on the left actually took less time :O!

Monday, March 19, 2012

1st Cutscene- In Order

I want to see how they all look together, So Far.

#23 - Two More Paintings

Did these two yesterday. I'll be focusing on cutscenes again. Working on bigger resolution for the iPad 3 :O 

Friday, March 16, 2012

#22 - Rough Pixel

Flexing my pixel muscles. Using the Sega Genesis palette and specs.
Don't know if I like this one yet.. I'll make the laboratory next. Boy this takes longer than I thought!

EDIT: Played with it more. More Genesis-y?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

#21- Genesis In-Game cutscene

This will all be pixel. I did the storyboard version that I will eventually animate. I can't wait!! We finally figured out how this will all fit. It's going to be really fun. My mom is visiting tomorrow, so me and Andy have to clean up the apartment today. :( I hope I can start this asap. So many interruptions........

As far as the story goes, This is the level in the early 90's. Where the Sega Genesis was dominating. And this is a fictional game "Plexx", about a radical otter that goes to save his friend in the evil animal testing lab. It turns out it's full of MUTANTS. :O

"This might come in handy...Looks like a perfect fit for my BAZOOKA." "RADICAL."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sketching Shenanigans

Had an urge to draw some exaggerated expressions! Basically I'll repeat what I said on Deviantart, it's actually what I wrote in my sketchbook before I drew these xD 

The thought I had was, It's not the shape of the mouth that makes the expression. It's WHICH muscles you show in work that makes an expression more intense. And how the muscles pull on the nose and eyes and cheeks are equally important.  That's why learning about what muscles do what (contract the mouth, lift the upper lip) and what it looks like when the skin folds when the muscle is being used is so important. So it's not just adding details, it's adding the "right" details?
Add the specific muscle movements with the position of the teeth and you get something new!

Dem nose muscles~~

-original sketch

And some side muscle practice T_T

Anyway, sorry about this random post. I got caught up in doing level work again (for the game I'm making with my boyfriend, for those on DA) So much tedious work, my brain was tired and this was a good outlet. I think I'm done at least for now on the level work, I need to get back into my regular schedule of posting everyday. I got kind of out of sync for a while.
I'm going to go draw some more in bed! (To get away from the computer for a while...)

And thanks to you guys from DeviantArt! 30,000 views in one day on that drawing. ;_____;.... ?!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

#20 - Andy's Birthday

So Andy's Birthday "week" happened. So we didn't get much done ;-;
But here's another shot I finished before the EVENT.

I'm going to design original packaging for the box, this one is temporary.

What an appropriate Birthday shot!

Monday, March 5, 2012

#19 - Slowly but surely

Half finished shot and A finished one. I like doing the backgrounds at the same time I think :O I didn't think I could before.

(EDIT: Just finished this one)

What's in the BOX?! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

#18 - Back to Painting!

Finally :O! Could have done more today. Only had a half day -___- Ugh, I hate myself for getting the sleep schedule off again... It throws me off. :\

I colored a panel and figured out some lighting on other ones (relaxing work). But I really should grab myself some references, I'm still having trouble with indoor lighting! How it bounces, how many light sources, how it changes how everything looks. I probably don't want to look at photographs but rather TV shows. They make indoor lighting still look pleasing and I want to draw like THAT! Not so much flat stuff.

Dawww, Sleeping Oliver!

OMG I FOUND A drawing I did in September!!

Holy crap I sucked. I guess on this project I had to learn how to draw from step one. O_o this hurts my eyes.


Now for some messy shadows. Will help later.

#17 - 2 days level work, 1 day off

So I combined 2 days work into one post. Yesterday I had took the day off instead of today (me and Andy were chit chatting all night the day before so we basically slept all day yesterday) I sent instructions for the Plexxus 1.0 level and I fixed the Playstation level. It was lots of tedious work so it took about two days work. I was working simultaneously between 4 programs! Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Maya. A new record!

I did coordinates information in After Effects, tweaked images in Photoshop, put together animations in Flash and worked with the 3D models in Maya.

So much organizing.... I basically took months of work and shrunk it in two days. This was all to clean up the stage, make it more "readable", make set coordinates, and optimize the level. I took out over 100 unnecessary sprites! Should run much quicker and be less confusing.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

#16 - 80's Cutscene Storyboard

Some of these sketches are more finished than others. I just put them all together like a storyboard to see whats going on. There's still some holes but mostly just wanted to figure out the main shots and flow of the cutscene.

Needs lots of work!