Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I drew my dream" Speedpaintings

I've been wanting a way to practice more, but it's sometimes hard to find the materials to practice.
I found a solution by depicting my dreams :D It's perfect for drawing from imagination. They don't make sense sometimes but here they are so far!

#1: It was like a Game of Thrones at the Wall, but the buildings were snow forts and the weapons were snowballs. The battles were gorey and serious though. I had a dear good friend that was a dragon. He got like.. betrayed and sacrificed himself at the same time or something. This moment in the drawing was all emotional for me. Everyone thought the dragon was bad, but I couldn’t convince them.

#2: This time I was a fugitive in Greece or something. It was like a video game, every time I got caught it would start over at some house. Here’s the map, I had like a google maps moment in my dream. I would always make it to the pier usually. Oh fun outcome (it was a pretty long dream) The people made it into a festival. In remembrance of the “wrongfully accused”, they would all swim to the bridge in freezing waters.

#3: This one took longer. This much was clear… I was some sort of hoodlum. Living in like a mobile home apartment complex, kinda like a white trash Kowloon Walled City or Gotham? I definitely went and “sent a message” by destroying someone’s prized bass (orchestral bass, not electric)
I don't think I lasted long, the dream ended pretty soon after that.

 #4: This is as close as it’s going to get. I hadn’t had a dream the last couple nights, then I got this one. It was weird. I was lots of different people, lots of parachuting people. One time I was in a group of blond girls. It was urgent to get to the bathroom before base jumping. And everytime I found a bathroom it was smack in the middle of a busy hallway. It was like… 3 feet tall and cost a ridiculous amount of money (Later I found out it was “Albertson’s points”. what)
I needed to go base jumping.

I'll keep updating them as I draw them!