Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Gallop and Background Update

 Tweaked the Gallop! I'm trying to pay better attention to the correct lead.

The first area is Green Hills. (Shoutout to Sonic!) It's an early prototype in Unity, but good starting out point! 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Horse Trainer Update - Basic Gaits + Colors

Here's some early animation tests using Spine, which I'm still getting used to. I'm going to tweak these later on and make it look more like 2D keyframe animation. I have the base coats, Bays and Cream dilutes rigged and ready! The first breed I'm working on is the Morgan.

Black, Golden Chestnut, Chestnut, Red Chestnut, Liver Chestnut

Smoky Black, Isabella Palomino, Palomino, Golden Palomino, Chocolate Palomino

Sandy Bay, Bay, Blood Bay, Mahogany Bay, Seal Brown

Buttermilk Buckskin, Buckskin, Golden Buckskin, Dark Buckskin, Brown Buckskin


An early look at the horse customization.

And here's an early level prototype. I want to fit the 2D aesthetic I had in my previous animations so I'm going to rework it this week. All in all coming together in Unity! The horse has controller controls along with keyboard controls. Feeling nice! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hit the fyp on TikTok today, welcome to my corner of the internet if you're visiting from there :D I hope to spruce up the place! This is the start of the Horse Trainer dev blog so please visit often and drop a comment on what you think! I'd love feedback during development to make this a satisfying and greatest horse game I can possibly make!