Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#29 - Catching Up

It seems like there's been so much to say and so little time! I recapped on DeviantArt, but basically we're moving out of San Francisco. Probably to the Spokane area in Washington, or somewhere else we find that is awesome. But eventually we'll be getting out of the states entirely. Basically this country is a sinking ship, and it's actually quite terrifying that "Freedom of Speech" is now a felony.

Anyway, so while we've been busy planning out our move (Gotta get rid of some stuff) we've also been talking a ton about Plexxus and made some huge breakthroughs! It's really exciting, basically it feels like a complete and full game now. I also made some breakthroughs with the cutscenes. The presentation will be nicer (basically now I can make the frame any dimension I want instead of just a constant rectangle, with helps with the storytelling), and also figured out how to make the coloring process better.

The platforms it's coming out on now is Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle (wow), and Mac. Props to Jason for being an amazing programmer and being able to port things. And also for implementing Multiplayer.

And I've been practicing a lot. Which has helped a ton with the art. Just gotta keep getting things done!!

Some practice..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Horse Prize Drawing - GIF

Yesterday someone had caught my 123,456th pageview on DeviantArt. So I drew them a prize drawing today x) The actual horse they wanted me to draw was slightly different. It was a demon horse. But I drew a normal horse first just in case since I kinda took liberty on the whole snowy theme and they hadn't replied yet. I don't know if it fits, but I sure wanted to draw snow for some reason XD

Usually I record the prize drawings I give people but I forgot this one ;---; So instead I took shots of the history and put together a gif. My first gif! :D

The last step (I did after I made the gif -_-) is just a orange soft brush with "Overlay" as the blend mode.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#28 - Feeling Better! New Layout Design

My back feels better. So that means back to drawings! I managed to finish this background today. 

I saved a couple steps and put them together. I got inspired by those girly things you find on Pinterest, showing the process of some hairdo or something. It always looks so straight forward and easy to follow. Not that I did that to my tutorial xD Too much text..

Changing up the Console design a little bit. Adding the wood paneling as a throwback to the "Brown Box". Same kind of font used for the Magnavox Odyssey. And of course the same kind of design as the Pong system. But I'm wondering if I should change that up a bit... I just liked how it looked so much.

Drag and drop image into browser address box to see full size

Also, it should be noted that there is a nifty new theme that corresponds better with our website :D Hurray! I feel like a hacker now with all the "coding" I did. I turned this into this. So dang proud.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Website Update

Long story short, I hurt my back and our website got hacked several times. So I couldn't draw ( I hunch over my tablet while drawing ) But I could still type if I kept my back straight. So I decided to fix our site and actually moved the whole entire thing into Blogspot!

I'm happy I got to give a shot at web design and coding :D It was actually quite fun once I got the hang of it. Our other site was PHP so definitely couldn't touch that. But this one is a little more straight forward. Furthermore, I can now "link" up this blog with our official site. Don't be startled if the layout of my blog changes to fit our new website. We'll eventually redirect and merge the two! Will be slightly more legit. B-)

For now there's just test posts and really nothing on the site. All that's left is to just fill it up!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#27 - Level Work + Backgrounds

Sadly, back into work full force meant I had to do some level stuff first. It's all boring coordinates and numbers, but It's so exciting, seeing the end of the tunnel with this game! We're putting some great things into the game, I think it will really be fun!

Anyway, as for art, I'm going to focus on backgrounds for a while. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with them (Which is so weird! I have never really touched backgrounds before this, but now they're just so fun to do!), but not so much with the characters. So I can poop these out pretty quick and it will be much easier to go back and place the characters later
 (Once I get better at them. Gotta traaaaiiin moorree Dx! )

Anyway.. Background!

And also, there's a new logo :D

Or a simpler version I tried out that's hopefully more readable

Monday, April 2, 2012

Surprise Funerals!

Sorry for the late post. (If anyone is following xD) But had to make a surprise trip to Utah because my grandma died. And while I was at my grandma's funeral, I got a text that my grandpa on my other side of the family died. Really pretty bummed out...I was really sad that I couldn't see my grandpa (I came to my grandma's funeral in the hopes that I would also see my suddenly sick grandpa) But it was great seeing family. It's been an extremely busy visit, it has been like 2 years since I've been home so had to fit in seeing everyone.

Woah! And shoutout to some of the family that reads the blog! That was awesome hearing that. <3

Anyway, I slept for like a day and tomorrow I'm going to get back into work full force.
But here's a background I did when I got the news. So half way finished.

Andy's bro gave me a tip to put more imperfections and scuff marks on the background. Thanks Javi :D!

Also, I got rid of all the gameplay stuff on my blog. I got kinda scared seeing that there was 10,000 pageviews. I had just assumed nobody but friends and family read this blog so it was okay to kind of put our game. Just art elements from now on sadly.