Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Head Sketches

I couldn't sleep last night and I really wanted to practice more art. But the internet wasn't working, so couldn't check references or do figure drawing..

You can see the progression from me trying to draw sorta realistic heads, then me just drawing heads in my style. I think it's helped thinking in the way where I learn anatomy and art fundamentals to help my style be more realistic. Because that way, I'm really learning and applying it to what I'm comfortable drawing.

Also drew John Marston xD Wahah.

And the grandpa from the Sigur Ros music video. <3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drawing - Self Homework

Argh, Andrew Loomis' books are so good. Exactly what I needed right now. I'm seeing drawing skills in two ways, the way you learned as a child to draw clouds, and then you learn some clouds have flat bottoms, and you get better in that way, in your "style". There's also the technical skill of knowing anatomy and how light reacts and perspective and values and etc, etc.

What I have been trying to do is to mix that. Use the frame of mind you have when you're figuring out new things about your style. And apply the things you learn with fundamental theories of art and design.
The last thing that brings everything together is: PRACTICE.

That's pretty much why I've been giving myself homework. I've been drawing everyday and reading everyday.
Today I was reading some Loomis: Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. GAH he's so amazing. (DOWNLOAD HIS BOOKS) I was previously reading his Heads and Hands books, and he just sums up things incredibly. I wrote down some quotes and ideas I had about the book:

  • ~Draw everyday no matter what
  • ~Look at the big picture first - "In all drawing no part can be as important as the whole" "We can always subdivide the whole into its parts, instead of guessing at the parts" -Loomis
  • ~Think in 3d, and get that info down first - "A Head is not drawn until you can feel the unseen side" -Loomis "be able to draw the unseen ear"
  • ~"Impatience has probably been a bigger stumbling block in the way of real ability than anything else" -Loomis
  • ~"Skill is a result of trying again and again, applying our ability and proving our knowledge as we gain it." -Loomis (same with anything)
  • ~Remember how it was as a kid drawing. You learned how to draw something. (sleeves, hair tufts, cat noses) Don't stop. You stop when people start telling you you're a good artist and that's bad. Keep being curious.

And since nobody reads blogs, I think I'll make an "Art Tips" tutorial. I really feel strong about nothing has changed since you were a child drawing. You are always learning. And it's awesome to be in that frame of mind. Everyone is a work in progress.
Right now I'm pushing myself to learn things that are important to me. I need to work on Heads, Hands, Bodies and Perspective right now. The last couple weeks I focused on Horses and my workflow. You don't have to be in art school to learn and give yourself goals.

Pixelovely has an awesome "Take a Class" option, which takes you from 30 second to 10 minute figure drawing pictures. I'm learning the body right now.

Me after reading Loomis.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Horses Galore!

Just recapping this week :D It was allllll horses. I missed drawing horses! It was refreshing.

I started out the week with horse gestures.

Color sketch. (Commission)

Sketch. Did a lot of these for fun.

Then turned the sketch into a commission. I liked the pose..

Finished the week with pen drawings.
PENS ARE FUN? I used to HATE using a pen. But now they're wayyy fun for some reason.
It forces you to plan out and be mindful when you're drawing. So fun :D