Monday, November 18, 2013

Drawing Binge

And so I've been on a dang drawing binge! It started out as a small break from the Horse Game since my brother was here, but yeah.. It's escalated.

Friday, May 10, 2013

#30: Plexxus Art Dump, Ecorche and ZBrush

Catching up V2! How to recap...?

Me and Andy decided that Plexxus was something that needed a bit more man-power than just 1 artist and 1 programmer. Wow... that was mentally draining. But I'm glad I got to know what that felt like. Learnin' from dem experiences! Everyone loves experiences.

But here's some older stuff that I never did post!

I wanted to help myself with the backgrounds, since they were taking the longest. I then discovered rendering in Vray and painting over it. REALLY helped sort out the lengthy perspective drawing and focus more on what I imagined than the technical details. Holy cow how many times have I redone this... 

I keep talking about Plexxus, but here's what it's about! 

And here's a storyboard of the Arcade level cutscene.

Some sketches.

And some "Challenge Area" art. (The games you unlock after Oliver opens his own Arcade)

Challenge area menu sketch:

ALSO! Some anatomy! I got the chance to sculpt every bone and muscle in the human body. It was SUPER awesome. Now I'm hyper aware of my own muscles contracting. Kinda cool :O

It's 1/2 life sized made out of oil based clay, took 14 weeks.



Here's the original armature



 I now have Zbrush!! WAY EXCITING.  Here's my first sculpt!! 

That too big-a head I need to figure the heck out how to shrink.

Crazy time mass of Z-Spheres. 

Took me an hour just to figure out how to put something on the canvas and be able edit xO