Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drawing some things I see!

I moved my computer to my bed, and it's a lot more comfy ($40 memory foam mattress pad from goodwill? YES?) And there's a giant mirror and more interesting things to draw.

So I did a 15-20 minute self portrait, I'm trying to draw things faster. :\
I was wearing Andy's hat for no reason. (well I was cleaning the apartment and my hands were full, so I just put it on my head. Then I thought it looked cool)
The light from the lamp is a really yellow one. So tried to also practice skin by looking at my arm. it's meh..
Now a still life, 30-40 minutes? A candle that smells amazing, and my journal. On my bed.

I did this one yesterday. Was trying to shade my cartoons kinda realistically without making them look freaky. :\ I don't know what to think of it.


Sum said...

These are lovely! I especially love the candle one.

ajennypenny said...

Ah, Thank you so much! :D Trying to get quicker at drawing, bleh