Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Drawin'

Long time no post! Me and Andy took a bit of a vacation this holiday season and went to visit his family in El Salvador. We're back in San Francisco and back to work! I also found my blog's layout got screwed up, so it was due time to get a new theme.

Here's some drawings I did for family over the holidays:

My Brother in Law

Andy's Grandparents

Both asked for portraits and both liked it! :D

Here's some practice drawings

Really want to learn the muscles of the horse

Wanted to draw hair and something with the least amount of brush strokes

And a 15 minute eye drawing

Also Revamped some key sketches from the Pong cutscene drawings.

And a color test of the PS1 Cutscene

And with everything that's been happening, Uncle Sam Troll sketch. I'm so glad to be part of the greatest country in the world! 
Some reasons why the US is a crumbling system the BEST!


Also, Me and Andy's site isn't quite presentable yet, but getting there :D Stay tuned!